Lindsey Noel Magic

Mind Reading with Moxie

Captivate your most jaded seen-it-all guests with Lindsey's charm, wit, and stunning mastery of the impossible. Break the ice and boredom with interactive strolling magic or dazzle the room with her strong presence as MC for the traditionally boring client appreciation events or awards banquets.

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Let a pro

take your stress away

With guest lists, cocktail hour, venue, presentations, dinner, and budget all on your mind, the one thing you'll never have to worry about is the entertainment.

A stellar performer of comedy mind-reading, magic, and emceeing, Lindsey owns and manages Adventures Inc., the home for customized professional presentations for today's corporate, immersive-based entertainment. 

Strolling Magic

As guests arrive for the cocktail hour or during the often present dead time between wedding ceremony and reception, Lindsey breaks the ice and makes boredom disappear with in-the-hands miracles that create laughter and memories of a fantastic event.

Let your mind-reader wander.

Custom Magical Presentations

A master story-teller with a background in both literature and costume design, Lindsey Noel brings messages to life with creative and memorable magic, passion, and impeccable detail.

Powerful, mesmerizing performances of the impossible.


Adventures Inc. Events, 2019